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Smooth and expressive, though the hair is a tad bit flowy.

BatteryMasterMMD responds:

Glad you liked! And yeah, once I am able, I plan to remedy that.

A simple, but (oddly) cute short starring Pico and company.
I also liked the ending, as most people have already stated. While I won't give it away, I will say that Pico's had a lot of experience concerning such situations.

Love the story, and did not expect the twist at the end.
Also loved the aesthetic of the animation. Has a bit of classic Flash feel to it, but still has enough polish to make it new.
Good job!

Ah, what a trip. What a nostalgic trip.
Along with SMBZ and Mutant Ninja Turtles, this was one of the first things my older cousin showed me on Newgrounds all the way back in 2007. I loved it a lot then.
However, age has not been kind to this project as the quality of the visuals (as well as some of the jokes) have become rather dated. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that for its time (and still as of now), this is very competently animated.

Kudos, El-Cid and Company. KUDOS.

Oh wow. I did not see the Scooby Doo coming. Even with Shaggy's quote in the beginning.

A nice continuation of the previous entry. Especially liked Darnell's pouty face at the end.

Annabelle had the bone hurting sh*ts.

Strangely, that's my favorite skit in this episode, mostly because of that one part.

This is quite a beauty. And just about creepy enough too...
I guess what compounds the horror is that the animation and art style is line-for-line accurate to the old movie specials.

Also, I love how some of the characters are mute; that way, what their thoughts are and their actions are up for interpretation.

Poor Schroeder, though...

Well, that was good for a giggle.
And what an introduction to this world too (for me anyway).

Also, was that Dexter Manning as the pig?

zachdewd responds:

Yes, it was!

I don't know why he did it either.

Okay, this was quite a nice animation.
You managed to capture the art style of the Splatoon Promotional Material rather accurately.
Also, the Nintendo Switch Logo joke and the Mario joke at the end were creative and funny respectively.
Though, I must wonder. Why did Pearl mutate when she hit the water instead of dying like a regular inkling? Maybe there's something she's not telling us?

I like Turtles, among other things.

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