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Smooth and expressive, though the hair is a tad bit flowy.

BatteryMasterMMD responds:

Glad you liked! And yeah, once I am able, I plan to remedy that.

A simple, but (oddly) cute short starring Pico and company.
I also liked the ending, as most people have already stated. While I won't give it away, I will say that Pico's had a lot of experience concerning such situations.

Love the story, and did not expect the twist at the end.
Also loved the aesthetic of the animation. Has a bit of classic Flash feel to it, but still has enough polish to make it new.
Good job!

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Well, this certainly was challenging. Especially with trying to hit all the hitboxes I could without getting creamed by the baddies. I just wish the game was a bit longer. Ah well, it was made in 1999, so I guess I can't be too upset.
Anyway, Great Job, Mr. Tom!

Ha! What a twist!

Seriously though, this was not what one would expect. Rather than play it straight, you went right around and stabbed us in the back... and I enjoyed it!

Whatever happened to Sonic, anyway?

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A good one. Though I expected it to have a little more punch, like stronger drums or so.

Also, is it me, or does the visualization sort of resemble the time vortex?

A nice acoustic cover of the well beloved theme. Though I will suggest getting a better mic.

This is actually very funny. Kudos to you.

The instrumentals sound like that one bit that Sebastian Evans the Second composed for the end of "Manhattan Project Part 2" which is actually very good.

The lyrics are silly yet refreshing and really go well with the instrumental as well as the tone of the series. Good job, sir!

P.S: What software was used to create the instrumentals.

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For her neutral special, she weilds an eraser.

"There are many things that need to be E R A S E D ".

Beware the Disomfort Ninja.

Taking inspiration from @nhj 's comment...

"They are Abominaniacs
They're repulsive to the max
They curse God with every breath
For their salvation lies in death

I like Turtles, among other things.

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